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  • काठमाण्डौ-तराई/मधेश द्रुतमार्ग सडक आयोजना
    Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track
    (Expressway) Road Project
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आयोजना कार्यालय र चाइनिज कम्पनीहरु बीच बोलपत्र सम्झौता सम्बन्धि जानकारी.

१.    काठमाण्डौ-तराई/मधेश द्रुतमार्ग सडक आयोजनाको उच्च प्राथमिकतामा रहेका सुरुङ...


Chief of the Army Staff (COAS) General Purna Chandra Thapa unveiled the "KTFT Journal&quo...

  1. a. Physical work Progress:
    S.No. Description of Works Progress
    i. Earthwork Cutting 72.34%
    ii. Earthwork Filling 46.39%
    iii. Retaining Structure (Masonry & Reinforced Earth wall) 28.00%
    iv. Cross Drainage Structure (Pipe Culvert & Box Culvert) 18.50%
    v. Tree Felling Work 94.00%
    vi. Land Acquisition 96.77%
  2. b. Details of Financial Progress:
    S.No. Particulars FY 073/74 FY 074/75 FY 075/76 FY 076/77
    i. Total Budget (billion) 1.35 10.13 15.39 15.0072
    ii. Revised Budget (billion) 1.35 8.60 5.97 4.46
    iii. Expenditures (billion) 1.34 7.63 5.73 1.96
    iv. Total expenditures (billion) 1.34 8.97 14.70 16.66
  3. 1. Major Project Components:

    Total length of the project is 72.5 km, which comprises road section of 55.5 km, three tunnels of 6.41 km and various bridges of 10.59 km.

    a. Road component out of the 55.5 km:

    i. The road works have been executed by 30 different NCB (National Contractors) packages and 8 packages by Nepali Army where the aggregated progress of the package is 88% covering 44.1 km roadway construction up to formation level so far.

    ii. The remaining 11.4 km includes project amenities like PUP, VUP, POP, VOP, toll plaza, rest area, interchanges; that would be executed during forthcoming phases.

    b. Tunnel Component (Mahadevtar, Dhedre & Lendada):

    i. National Consultants have been selected for Geotechnical and Geophysical investigation work related to tunnel construction. Field work of Geophysical Investigation is complete and report is being prepared.

    ii. A total of 18 bore holes in Mahadevtar (9), Dhedre (5), and Lendanda (4) are being drilled under Geotechnical Investigation and the work is in progress.

    iii. Under EPC modality (ICB), prequalification (PQ) has been opened for the selection of competent international construction companies for the tunnels, in two packages (I & II)

    iv. The process for additional tests related to Geotechnical and Geophysical Investigations from national consultants have also started.

    c. Bridge Component:

    i. RFP (Request for Proposal) for 6 NCB packages for Geotechnical Investigation of 87 bridges locations is under process, the bridges will be constructed under ICB (International Construction Bidding) procurement.

    ii. For the access road purpose, it has been planned for installation of 12 Bailey bridges in different locations out of which 2 has been already installed.

  4. 2. Lab Setup

    To ensure the quality of works, five laboratories have been established at Makhubesi, Mahadevtar, Lendanda, Rajdamar and Nijgadh basecamps to carry out tests for Quality Control (QC).

  5. 3. Land Acquisition and Compensation up to (FY 2076/77)

    Out of the information published for acquisition of land under this project, compensation of 4,357 ropani 14 anna 2 paisa 3 dam (84%) of the land have been compensated, so far and 807 ropani 5 anna 2 paisa (16%) of the land is yet to be compensated. The land acquisition is not complete because of Khokana dispute.

  6. 4. Tree felling and management:

    Out of 38,664 trees felling under the project's jurisdiction ,27,007 tress need to be fell down, 25,765 tree been fell down so far (till 2077 Bhadra).

  7. 5. Tree Plantation:

    For Compensatory plantation work in 1:25 ratio, 107,118 numbers of tree saplings are planted till Shrawan 2077.Plantation work is in progress.

  8. 6. International Consultant Selection:

    For survey, design and construction supervision work of the project, M/S Yooshin Engineering Corporation, Korea JV International Consultant had been selected on 2077.02.02. Team of expert from the Yooshin JV has carried out its work in association with the team of their local associates, comprising GIDAN & SITARA.

  9. 7. Access Road:

    The access road for tunnel and bridge works is under construction. Present priority has been given for connecting to the inlet and outlet portals of the three tunnels.

  10. 8. Budget Allocation for FY 077/78:

    Rs.8 billion 840 million has been sanctioned for the project on the Capital side and Rs. 984 million on the Current side. A total of Rs.8.93 billion has been approved for the current Fiscal Year 077/78.

  11. 9. Effects of COVID-19 on Project works:

    Impact of COVID-19, currently a global pandemic and lockdown the previous fiscal year delayed the work progress of substantially. However, with following safety guidelines and protocols, the project works have been continued effectively.

  12. 10. Local Issues:

    Necessary coordination and discussion has been continued for resolving the local land issues particularly the Khokana,Bungamati land issues.