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  • काठमाण्डौ-तराई/मधेश द्रुतमार्ग सडक आयोजना
    Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track
    (Expressway) Road Project
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KTFT Bulletin Volume-III प्रकाशित

नेपाली सेनाको व्यवस्थापनमा निर्माण भईरहेको यस राष्ट्रिय गौरवको उच्च प्राथमिकता प्राप्त काठमाण्...

माननीय रक्षाम्त्रीज्यूबाट काठमाण्डौ-तराई/मधेश द्रुतमार्ग सडक आयोजनाको निरीक्षण

मिति २०७९/१०/११ गते माननीय रक्षामन्त्रीज्यू, श्रीमान् प्रधान सेनापतिज्यू, रक्षा सचिव...

M/S China First Highway Engineering Co. Ltd सँग खरिद सम्झौता सम्पन्न

काठमाण्डौ/तराई मधेश द्रुतमार्ग सडक आयोजनाको लागि आवश्यक "Construction of Double Lane Dual...

आयोजनाको ठेक्का प्याकेज नं. ७ सम्झौता सम्पन्न:

आयोजनाको ICB ठेक्का प्याकेज नं. ७ (Ch 35+360 देखि Ch 41+000) को मिति २०७९/०८/०२ गते M/S XINGRU...

KTFT Journal Volume-II विमोचन

राष्ट्रिय गौरवको एवम् रणनैतिक महत्व बोकेको काठमाण्डौ-तराई/मधेश द्रुतमार्ग सडक आयोजना सम्बन्धमा...

  1. Significance:

    Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Expressway is a Mega Highway Project prioritized, as a "National Pride Project" having strategic significance.

  2. Handover:

    The Government of Nepal decided to give the responsibility of construction management to Nepali Army on 21st Baisakh 2074 BS. The Project was formally handed over through The Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transportation (MoPIT) on 27th Shrawn 2074.

  3. Pilot Track:

    The long awaited Expressway will be constructed along the pilot track opening which was initially developed by the Nepali Army in 2069 BS. The Nepali Army is entrusted for this key responsibility due to its reputation and trustworthiness earned by the timely construction of numerous road projects in the past, amidst various hazardous conditions.

  4. Opportunity Vs Challenge:

    The Nepali Army considers this Mega Project as an exceptionally challenging opportunity since the expressway has to be designed and built as per the international standard. Therefore, Nepali Army has targeted to build the Expressway as an Exemplary State of the Art of Civil Construction in South Asia. More importantly, this Expressway is believed not only become a boon but also genesis for a huge socio-economic development in Nepal.

  5. Travel Location & Time:

    The project road runs along the Bagmati River corridor, which originates at Sano Khokana, travels through Chhaimale, Gausel, Malta, Budune and Chhatiwan, and reaches to Nijgadh where it connects with the East West Mahendra Highway. This project shortens the travelling distance from Kathmandu to Nijgadh by 193 km and saves travelling time by more than four hours.

  6. Project DPR:

    The Detail Project Report (DPR) of the Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Fast Track (Expressway) Road Project (KTFT) was prepared by Soosung Engineering Co., Ltd South Korea and approved on 1st Bhadra 2076 by the Government of Nepal.

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Kathmandu-Terai/Madhes Fast Track

Kathmandu-Terai/Madhesh Expressway is a Mega Highway Project prioritized as a "National Pride Project" having strategic significance.